My new blog…

I decided to make another blog. But it doesn’t mean that I’ll be abandoning this one! No, it just means that I’ll be blogging about other things too. 😀

There it is!

Weebly’s being a bit stubborn at the moment, so here’s the new header for it.

Fare-the-well for the moment 😀

header for the chemerical site

The header for my new blog 😀


~ by unconventionality on May 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “My new blog…”

  1. Ha lol im not dave and im nothing to do with him, but ima fan of him 😀
    nice header you have there 😀 The one on this site is gd but not as gd 😀

    • Thanks 😀
      Yeah, I like the Chemerical header more too…
      I knew you couldn’t be the real Dave Cross! He wouldn’t read this tiny little blog and comment! I wish I was as good at using Photoshop as him- he’s a genius 😀

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