Wikipedia spin-offs – hilarious ones

Where would you be right now without Wikipedia? It’s that site that you automatically go to if you need to know something. Yeah, it’s fuelled by user-generated content, so yes, it’s not really supposed to replace books or other sources of information. Ask anyone- you can never refer to Wikipedia in the footnotes of an essay. Ever.

But, we all still use it. So, if you’re a fan of Wikipedia, you’d probably love their spin-offs too.

Ten Word Wiki:

It describes itself as “an encyclopedia for the ADD generation”. And rightfully so; all entries are 10 words long. Try looking up “squirrel”, “Piers Morgan” and “Peter Mandleson”.


It describes itself as “the content-free encyclopedia”, and it isn’t wrong. It’s undoubtedly the king of Wikipedia mockeries. Look up anything- it’ll be hilarious, I promise! Oscar Wilde seems to be the supreme ruler of Uncyclopedia, and Mark Twain and Winston Churchill are also very highly respected. Actually, I don’t think there are any entries on Uncyclopedia that haven’t got an Oscar Wilde quote- an incredibly witty Oscar Wilde quote.

Other spin-offs

There is also Encyclopedia Dramatica and Encyclopedia of Stupid, but I’m not such a great fan of those two sites. Actually, they’re a bit rubbish, apart from a few entries.

All of these spin-offs are a little bit vulgar in their humour at times. I don’t think you should read them if you’re easily offended, but that’s pretty much the same for everything else on the internet.

If there are any spin-offs that I haven’t listed here (which is probably the case), please comment and I’ll add it!

Fare the well, for the moment 🙂


~ by unconventionality on February 20, 2010.

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