My new blog…

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I decided to make another blog. But it doesn’t mean that I’ll be abandoning this one! No, it just means that I’ll be blogging about other things too. 😀

There it is!

Weebly’s being a bit stubborn at the moment, so here’s the new header for it.

Fare-the-well for the moment 😀

header for the chemerical site

The header for my new blog 😀


The world’s weirdest fish- which isn’t even a fish

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That fantastic little Mexican Walking Fish I've been going on  about. It's quite cute, really.

To be honest, it's not that weird for an "ambulatory fish". It's quite cute really.

Recently, I have come across one of the oddest things that I’ve ever seen. It’s called a Mexican Walking Fish, or an “Axolotl” if you want to be posh.

Personally, I’m still going to call it a Mexican Walking Fish. To be honest, it isn’t that odd- it’s actually quite a cute little fish (with legs). Just look at its beady eyes and little pink fluffy antennae!

WOOPER, noun. The most useless Pokémon that ever existed.

WOOPER, noun. The most useless Pokémon that ever existed.

Also, I have to say that this fish is the best ever inspiration for a Pokémon. These little creatures are the inspiration for those ugly Wooper things. If you’ve played the Pokémon games, you’ll know that they’re annoying and that people are always willing to trade one for a Rayquaza or something far cooler. They feel that such a trade is fair because “Woopers are better than Rayquazas”. If that was true, why would they want to trade it in the first place? Anyway, it isn’t- Woopers are lame unless you raise them to some ludicrous level.

Sorry for going off on a tangent. When I used to play those Pokémon games, this used to annoy me so much. Woopers, in my opinion, are retarded. They honestly shouldn’t exist in the games. However, Mexican Walking Fish are amazing.

And lastly, I’ve learnt that these odd little creatures aren’t even fish. They’re Mexican neotenic mole salamanders. When I first heard this, I didn’t have a clue what it meant. After looking into it further, I’ve learnt that this means that the Walking Fish has some traits that are only generally seen in younger animals, and blatantly that it is a type of salamander.

That’s all for today- apart from this random fish-related quote. Enjoy! :

I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it. ~ W. C. Fields

Wikipedia spin-offs – hilarious ones

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Where would you be right now without Wikipedia? It’s that site that you automatically go to if you need to know something. Yeah, it’s fuelled by user-generated content, so yes, it’s not really supposed to replace books or other sources of information. Ask anyone- you can never refer to Wikipedia in the footnotes of an essay. Ever.

But, we all still use it. So, if you’re a fan of Wikipedia, you’d probably love their spin-offs too.

Ten Word Wiki:

It describes itself as “an encyclopedia for the ADD generation”. And rightfully so; all entries are 10 words long. Try looking up “squirrel”, “Piers Morgan” and “Peter Mandleson”.


It describes itself as “the content-free encyclopedia”, and it isn’t wrong. It’s undoubtedly the king of Wikipedia mockeries. Look up anything- it’ll be hilarious, I promise! Oscar Wilde seems to be the supreme ruler of Uncyclopedia, and Mark Twain and Winston Churchill are also very highly respected. Actually, I don’t think there are any entries on Uncyclopedia that haven’t got an Oscar Wilde quote- an incredibly witty Oscar Wilde quote.

Other spin-offs

There is also Encyclopedia Dramatica and Encyclopedia of Stupid, but I’m not such a great fan of those two sites. Actually, they’re a bit rubbish, apart from a few entries.

All of these spin-offs are a little bit vulgar in their humour at times. I don’t think you should read them if you’re easily offended, but that’s pretty much the same for everything else on the internet.

If there are any spin-offs that I haven’t listed here (which is probably the case), please comment and I’ll add it!

Fare the well, for the moment 🙂

Hello world, indeed!

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Ah. My first EVER blog entry.

As you can see, this blog is going to record all the quirky, incredibly crazy stuff that I’ve come across. I love the concept of being able to let others know about your opinion of a topic, especially if it is something that fascinates you. I’m easily captivated by oddities and the weird and the wonderful, so I’m sure that you’ll find some enthusiastically written entries here.

Fare the well, and I hope that you will enjoy reading my future entries!